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The PULL THRU™ range of patented endoscope channel pre-cleaning products are scientifically proven to improve the efficiency of the pre-cleaning process for a range of scopes, compared to the traditional brush cleaning process.

The unique patented five wiper element design of the PULL THRU Cleaning Brush provides a complete circumferential seal in the lumen thereby removing almost all residue from internal endoscope channels in one simple operation.  It’s also disposable, removing the need for the complicated cleaning and sterilization procedures of reusable brushes.

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You can’t disinfect a dirty instrument

Three out of 20 flexible gastrointestinal (GI) endoscopes used for screening were found to harbour unacceptable levels of “bio dirt" — cells and matter from a patient’s body that could pose potential infection risk — according to a study of endoscopes used at five hospitals across the U.S.


What does five layers of clean mean?

The PULL THRU™’s unique 360° seal of the five wipers against the channel wall provides superior mechanical removal of soil in the channel. If there is residual soil, the wipers leave an even layer on the wall of the channel, which detergents can attack and remove more effectively than the lumpy residue bristle brushes leave behind. The 360° seal also creates a vacuum which draws detergent through the channel, completely filling it and helping remove residue from crevices or other areas of minor damage in the channel. The PULL THRU™ action is consistent every time which reduces any variation in cleaning method between users.